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Ryan's Music Video Evaluation

Music Video Evaluation
1. We have defined our music video as being rock/indie rock, for these kinds of genres the music videos are very heavily focused on the bands performance of the song rather than a narrative, here in our music video we deviate from the codes and conventions and have less of a band performance and more of a narrative which in our case is the zombie theme. Rock music videos also pay particular attention to the lead singer using lots of close up shots and shows the instruments during key musical moments within the song for example when playing a solo, In this case we do stick closer to the codes and conventions of a generic rock music video as we do pay particular attention to the lead singer using plenty of close up shots and giving him the main role within the video, we also show the instruments during a solo and focus on them for that key point an example of this would be the Foo Fighters in the song “All My Life”. In terms of timing the editing and visuals generally move with the same tempo as the song however ours is similar to that of “American Idiot” by Green Day as all the music is fast the visuals may have been edited to look slower, in our video we used this technique as our song has a slow tempo and so to fit the action packed zombie theme we had to change the speeds of the visuals so that it was fitting with the tempo of audio, this works particularly well as it contrasts and challenges codes and conventions. In our music video we also represented our band as being fairly cool, uncaring and moody as this is typical of the rock/indie/punk genres a similar band with this kind of attitude would be Green Day as they were known for having this kind of attitude of being slightly strange, uncaring and funny a perfect video to show this would be Green Day’s “Basket case”. The mix of the zombie film visuals and our music video is called intertextuality, this is where to forms of media are combined to make something new, we thought that these two different kinds of media mixed very well as many bands have made music for films and made their own music videos incorporating the theme of the films and example of this particularly relevant to our video would be Johnny Cash’s version of “The Man Comes Around”.

2. We made sure that our ancillary texts stayed as close to the band image, zombie theme and genre as much as possible we ensured this by continuing our humour throughout by doing things such as designing the disk to look like an eyeball and as you remove it from the case behind the disk is an eye socket which continued the zombie theme as well as our humour and quirky characteristics. The only part which may continue our rock genre is probably the band picture on the front of the digi-pack, this helps suggest to the potential audience what genre of music our band is. We also had links between the digi-pak and the advert that we made for example the hand on both ancillary texts are the same image this would help link the advert to the product because both are zombie themed and this makes sense for them to look similar to each other. We chose the blood dripping font particularly because of the scene where one of the zombies in our video has blood flowing from his mouth and it also fit well with the theme of the zombies and perhaps this also a little cheesy showing more of our humour again. I think that had people seen out advert they would be interested in finding out what our product was as the advert looks similar to that of a zombie film however it is advertising an album, this deviation I think would spark the interests of people because this is not normally how you would advertise a rock band. If we could change anything we would have preferred to have changed some of the advert to be more fitting with rock genre however is still believe that it is effective and would spark that interest of those saw it.

3. Having looked at the rest of the classes videos we had been told that our array of shots, our theme, miese en scene and cast were very good, however we didn’t do so well with the editing, some of the speed changes and the reversal of clips was enjoyed, but there were instances where the filter would change randomly, had this filter have been used throughout the video this would have been effective. We have also posted our video on the social networking site “Facebook” we did this to see what people thought about our video and one response that we received said “It’s a bit bright and cheerful for zombies to be there, it looks like a nice place” so in order to make the atmosphere more fitting to zombies we decided to use the darker filter which made the atmosphere look much less inviting, another piece of feedback that we received said that we should involve more band performance as we start with a band performance and this lost until the very end so in the final we decided to mix in with the narrative more performance shots usually by key moments in the narrative showing who is about to be taken down in the next clip to come for example James is playing guitar then next the clip is played of him being attacked by zombies. Originally James was going to be the lead performer however because I had the more impressive death it made sense to make my character as more focus was put on me than the other band members. We also original had been through to other songs one was Random furl but due to a lack of enthusiasm in our idea we had to change this to a different song which was “girls on TV” however as our group is completely male this did not make sense to have a song with a female as lead vocals.

4. Some of the technology we used included an HD camera which we used to increase the quality of the footage taken, we used the internet for research, we used digital cameras to take pictures of possible locations while planning and during the construction of the video, we used a mix of “Final cut” and “garage band” this was for the editing of visual and audio effects within the video, such as the news broadcast we used a visual effect from final cut to distort the image and garage band for the beeping sound which indicates a bad connection adding to the zombie apocalypse theme. Technology has also helped us with the evaluation in the form of a director’s commentary video. We also used Blogger to manage all of our planning and show the story of how we ended up with our product, we used Flickr to change the format of pictures that we have taken of locations, the zombie hand and planning we had done on paper so that we were able to put them on blogger, we also heavily used YouTube looking through lots of different bands and songs looking for typical features within them and elements that we could use for our own music video and finally we used Google for searching things such as Photoshop tutorials which we used for the eye ball and also for finding the correct lyrics to our chosen song.

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Today's lesson we edited the footage that we are going to use for the commentary, having to go through all of the 26minutes of footage we had filmed last lesson.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Today's lesson was spent filming the commentary part of the evaluation, we filmed it inside the green room, and although we almost ran out of memory on the video camera, we managed to delete other clips, to spare room to complete the commentary

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commentary preperation

  • Codes/ conventions - heavily performance based and quirky, Representation of lead singer/band sincere/cool, serious artist, trendy in a 'slacker way' eg killers, or yeah,yeah,yeahs, with focus on lead singer, instruments, mise en scene: live performance, quirky, artistic interpretation of song themes
  • with our video: mostly narrative based, zombies, eg zombieland (gore), although it has lots of action, it's slowed down in parts to fit the pace of song, we use a variety of different shots including close up shots of the lead singers face, low angle shots, high angle shots on the band members as they are being killed by the horde. The shots we used are similar to that of zombie movie which contrasts with expectations.
  • zombies: wanted to be different from other groups/music videos, heavily influenced by zombie land, Colin. 
  • In conclusion overall our music video challenges conventions mainly due to the intertextuality of the music video with the zombie land style zombie's an example being at 1:46 with the 'drooling zombie' 
  • we wanted to carry on the idea of the zombies from our video and so we took a picture of a face and edited out the eye so that only the eye socket remained and so we made our own eye ball which we designed to be the disk.
  • The colours, fonts, style, mood and tone are related to our video because for the colours we chose blacks and reds to darken the mood and we used the red as blood, we also used the eye as a disk and the eye socket as a background.
  • Our ancillary texts represent us to be quite dark yet have a tongue and cheek humor, we achieved this by having dark colour scheme of blacks and reds for blood as well as dripping red blood text, and the more tongue and cheek humor was the eye ball as the disk and the holder as the eye socket.
  • i would say that our digipack does give a fairly accurate image of the band and the video however the colour scheme for the digipack is possible to dark and could use maybe a few more colours than just red and black.
  • The advert is also fairly similar to both the digipack and the music video as it uses the same house style and theme, however we challenge codes and conventions as our advert looks as if it could also be a zombie film advert rather than a music video advert which may encourage audiences to buy the album because it is different and unique and hopefully should give a positive image onto our band as well as show that we do have a good sense of humor.
  • Our institutions are places like HMV and our record label is "road runner" as this label tends to focus on a similar style genre as our music video and so seemed apporpriate.

  • we have learnt that we have learnt that our array of shots, our unique theme, miese e scene and casting was very good, however we didn't do so well with the editing, some of the speed changes and the reversal of clips was enjoyed, but there were instances where the filter would change randomly, but had the filter been used throughout this would have been effective.
  • We also made a facebook group to both invite people to join the cast and become a zombie as well as to see how much interest the style and theme would provoke, unfortunately only a few had heard of the zombie music video and so around 5 people replied and said they would be interested and said they liked the idea and so as a future improvent we would suggest a wider advertisement for the casting and not only have questionnaires on the internet but also in other formats of media.
  • We used the feedback from the rough cut for the beginning as the class thought it was fairly dull and boring as we only had plain text describing the situation and story line, so instead we replaced this with a clip of a news broadcast which was much more involving and helped add to the atmosphere.
(Needs edit)
  • internet/youtube - similar music genres (Souxise and the banshees, Sex pistols, Adam and the ants)
  • Find your tribe - Indie kid
  • Still shots of locations
  • Team work discussing ideas
  • Photoshop - eye ball/eye ball socket and zombie hand
  • Final cut - test footage, effects, filters, editing, converting footage and putting it on youtube
  • blood dripping font
  • Noting down ideas on to story boards e.g. digipack design.
  • Facebook group for zombies
  • dark Zombie filter
  • "falling up" zombie effect
Ryan - praise me for i am your saviour =P

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Questions for evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

what have you learnt from your audience feedback ?

How did you use technology in the construction research and planning and evaluation stage ?

Final Ancillary Products


Here is the final magazine advert that we created. we made the zombie hand using a still photo of a group members hand then in photoshop we turned it in to the image above by cutting the hand out and filling it black then filling a circle an off white colour and a dark blue background. this simple method proved effective.

4 ACD Digi pack Template.pdf

This is the digi-pack we formed for our music video disc. Using the image created in photoshop of the zombie hand together with some stills from the actual film. firstly we downloaded a template of a digi pack then start by going through the film and finding suitable stills, then imported them. Then we got some relevant institutional logos off of the internet and out them on the digi pack.
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